February 1 2010 - SAFENTRIX Advertisement Portal launched

SAFENTRIX Advertisement Portal launched

February 1 2010

SAFENTRIX-Ads, a portal to create and monitor Email Marketing campaigns, using Email Advertisement, was launched today. SAFENTRIX-Ads advertisements will be displayed in the Emails sent/received by SAFENTRIX Standard Edition users.

With a starting price of USD 1.25 per 1000 Advertisements, SAFENTRIX-Ads is a safe and affordable way for organizations to advertise their products/services. Worldwide reach of SAFENTRIX ensures that advertisers can reach their audience locally as well as across the world.

SAFENTRIX-Ads portal allows organizations to create Advertisements and monitor them. Graphical reporting is provided to track short term effectiveness of advertisement campaign in terms of parameters like Cost, CPC and Number of Clicks.

For more details, please visit the following links.